Mariana Monteiro
Mariana Monteiro


b. 1986, HK.

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Hi, My name is Mariana. I have been enjoying art since a young age. I’m always creating things. In the time that I went to the University, I already knew that I want to study fashion design. I went to the best school in my generation named Anhembi Morumbi in Brazil and I worked with one of the best company NKstore all along with my studies. Since I enjoy exploring the world I did one year of my university in Guadalajara Mexico.  I bring all the experience that I had in Mexico for my work and life when I went back to Brazil. When I finished My university I went to Europa for studied again, I learn French and while I was traveling for all of Europe I studied Fashion designy in Milano Italy and I explore some parts of Africa. When my time was over in Europe I went to Costa Rica to studied photograph. I worked as a photographer taking photos from the Artists in Costa Rica for the Venice Biennale in Italy. In this time I had an invitation for work in a company in Brasil named Marcela B. Then I decided to go back to Brazil. Working for this shoe company was an amazing experience and I really enjoy to live in Rio de Janeiro. But I want to learn more and I decided to study fine arts in San Francisco, United States. And here I’m, Always working very close to the fashion industry but let me get inside of the world of art. I’m an open-minded person Always in search of learning more and willing to work and use all the content that I have acquired in my life.  

CV available upon request.